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I ordered my scooter back in April 2008. It arrived within a reasonable amount of time. There was no shipping charge. All of this sounds good, right. Well, when it arrived it needed some assembly. Which was understandable, except for the fact that there was no instruction manual. The only manual I received was the one telling me how to put the acid in the battery. Which for most, is merely a common sense type of thing.

Anyways, my girlfriend and I took turns riding it the next day. We put only 10 miles on it riding it around the neighborhood. When the front tire started going flat. It was too late to call Legion Global that night, so I waited till the next day. I called them and gave them my scooters vin number, figuring that since I purchased a 6 month warranty with my scooter that I would receive my new tire and rim at no cost to me, WRONG!! It's been almost four months, and still nothing.

One time they gave me a tracking number, and when I looked up that tracking number, there was no record of it anywhere. So I spent the next three weeks going back and forth with these people, just trying to get a new tire.

Oh, on the side of my scooter it says that the oil needs to be changed after the first 300km, that's right kilometers. OK, so I tried going elsewhere for my oil filter. No luck, instead I found out that my scooter is a 'throw away'. Just like the one's sold at Pep Boys.

Some warranty, huh?

Monetary Loss: $778.


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